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Agricultural Contracting

Lime & Fertiliser Spreading

  • Regional suppliers of Fibrophos, P-Grow, Tigerfert, Kalfos, CKD and Gypsum. Calcium / Magnesium Lime.
  • 2 x Agri-Spread lime spreaders.
  • Flotation tyres and weigh cells.
  • Variable rate lime and fertiliser spreading.
  • RTK guidance accurate to within 2cm with auto-steer for variable rate accurate spreading.
  • Chicken manure and PAS100 compost delivered and spread.
  • Full soil sampling service available.

Cultivations & Sowing

  • 2 x six furrow ploughs.
  • 1 x 4m Vaderstad drill.
  • 1 x Machio 3m combination drill using disc coulters and front press.
  • 2 x one pass OSR establishment with liquid fert application.
  • Rexius twin press.
  • Stubble to stubble contracting.

Muck Spreading

  • 2 x 15t Bunning muck spreaders with sludge cake kit with weigh cells and auto application rate.
  • 1 x 15t Bunning muck spreader with spinning discs capable of spreader 36m.
  • We can spread chicken manure, FYM, compost, sewage sludge and paper waste.
  • Spreaders are loaded with a 15t excavator which minimises soil compaction.

Slurry Spreading

  • 2 x 3500 gallon tankers equipped with rain guns and LGP tyres.
  • Umbilical hose spreading system with 24m dribble bar.
  • Spreading up to 2500m away from store.

Big Square Baling

  • 1 x Massey Ferguson 2190 square baler producing 4’x4’ bales.

Clamp Silage

  • Full or part clamp silage operations undertaken.
  • Kongskilde 1260 trailed forage harvester.

Stubble to Stubble Contracting

  • Combining and leading.
  • Baling.
  • Spraying up to 36m.
  • Cultivations and sowing.
  • Lime and fertiliser applications.

Forage Grinding/Chopping

  • Consistent chop length
  • No waste
  • High intake of straw in ration
  • Save time waiting for mixer wagon to chop

Temporary Roadway Panels

  • Henzell Enterprises can also supply and lay temporary roadway panels or bog boards
  • Please contact us with your requirements